Our Mission

To make irresistible ice cream, promote the dairy industry, and show Christ’s love through service.

Our Products

Our purpose at Mark’s Homemade is to serve customers the best ice cream they have ever tasted. Mark’s Homemade is a premium ice cream made in small batches which results in the freshest product possible. The ice cream is made on site here in Bucyrus not shipped in from a factory.  Each time you visit Mark’s Homemade you will find several flavors that are always favorites on the menu, along with new and seasonal options.  Flavor choices are kept to a minimum so we can focus on each flavor’s quality.  You will discover it is rich, creamy, and completely irresistible!

Mark’s Homemade believes that our ice cream can stand on its own without added toppings or syrups that could damage the pure flavors we strive to achieve. Keeping it simple allows you to get the full experience of our creamy, rich product.  You can’t go wrong with our made fresh, local product crafted here in Crawford County!

We operate out of a Health Department approved kitchen at The Trillium Event Center in Bucyrus.  Although we do not have a storefront currently, you can still get a taste of our delicious product by ordering it here on our site!  (See “Custom Orders”).  Below you can see our machine, it makes 1.5 gallons of ice cream per batch.


Our Flavors

Vanilla     Chocolate     Strawberry     Peanut Butter     Coffee
Chocolate Brownie Chunk     Apple Pie     Cookies ‘n Cream     Butterfinger     Butter Pecan     
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip     Brownie Sundae     Pumpkin Spice     Maple Bacon



Custom Orders

Mark’s Homemade Ice Cream would love to supply your party or get-together with our delicious, premium ice cream.  Whether it’s for a birthday party, graduation, backyard barbecue, or even a wedding reception, Mark’s Homemade will help make your event special.  Email us below, or message us on our Facebook page with the following information:

  • How much ice cream
  • Flavors
  • Event date
  • Pick-up or delivery

We can only deliver to residents of Crawford County.  The minimum order must be at least one and a half gallons of product.  There is no guarantee on orders placed less than a week in advance.  Email or message us with your information and we will send you a quote.

Our Team

Mark is currently a junior in college at The University of Akron studying business communication. Following graduation, Mark’s focus will be making the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted and promoting the dairy industry as God leads.

Mark’s parents, Ed and Jenny Lynne, are co-owners of the ice cream business and are equally passionate about ice cream.  After 25+ years of dairying, Ed and Jenny Lynne retired from the farm this year (2016) and are seeking God’s guidance on the next phase of their lives.  The love of dairy farming will always be in their hearts as well as the desire to promote the dairy industry and help people understand where their food comes from.

Currently, Mark creates every batch of ice cream himself.  His recipes are a combination of recipes from a book, his own original recipes, and recipes he has tweaked to his liking.  Jenny Lynne helps in the kitchen and preps the ingredients.  Ed is the self-proclaimed flavor think-tank, which is where the “Maple Bacon” flavor came from.  He is currently lobbying for a “Ballpark” flavor, (hotdogs, crackerjacks, etc.), but he has yet to convince the rest of us.  It is a joy to make ice cream together, work as a team, and see the reactions of customers as they enjoy our amazing product.


About Us

Mark Jenny Ed

The love of ice cream has been in our family for generations. Mark’s great grandpa made ice cream for family and friends the old fashioned way, with a hand crank and pure muscle. In more recent times, we have made small batches, using an electric freezer, for celebrations and just for the pure joy of eating and sharing this delicious treat.

Mark’s first taste of ice cream came at a very early age…when a close family friend slipped him a taste of mint chocolate chip at seven months old. He LOVED it-and so the journey began.

Dairying is in Mark’s blood.  Mark grew up on a dairy farm that has been in his family for four generations.  He has experienced the joy and hard work of caring for over 500 animals 365 days a year and striving for the highest quality product possible.  Mark’s father, Ed, is a true role model for the value of hard work, humility, and striving for excellence.  (In fact, Ed recently received a national award for his breeding success and care of the herd.)  There is no doubt that Mark inherited these character traits and will put his whole heart into the ice cream business!

How did Mark’s passion for ice cream become a potential business venture?  Several factors worked together to spark his interest.  The first is his before-mentioned connection to the dairy industry.  Secondly, as young children, Mark and his sisters listened to audio stories about a man who had an ice cream parlor.  Running the ice cream parlor gave the owner many opportunities to build relationships with his customers and share his faith, which resonated with Mark.  Finally, in high school, Mark was asked to write a paper about a future goal, so he chose to write about opening an ice cream shop.  Who could have guessed that researching and dreaming about this venture would actually prompt him to make it a reality?


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